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  • Kits of tube for the Grantura and Griffith are held in stock and it takes 10 working days to weld together a complete chassis, and another 10 working day for it to be powder coated and delivered.
  • Chassis X weighs Y, and is Z lighter and XX% stronger than standard.
  • Revised and improved cooling system
  • Three working days to make a chassis.
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TVR Grantura MkI 12 KMA

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TVR Grantura MkIII ’76 PRT’

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The earliest known 1800cc Grantura, '76 PRT' was first registered in May 1963, three months ahead of the MG B-Series-powered Grantura's announcement. Bought at the Earls Court Sportscar Show by…
Ivan modelling the front hub for CNC machining

Design process

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All our bespoke parts are designed in-house - here we take a closer look at that process. We are redesigning and remanufacturing parts for two main reasons: they're no longer…
Manufacturing chassis

Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process   Fabrication We fabricate our chassis, roll cages, steering assemblies, wisbones, door hinges, all the brackets for the car, fuel tanks, radiators, oil catch tanks, header tanks, exhaust…

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