Manufacturing Process



We fabricate our chassis, roll cages, steering assemblies, wisbones, door hinges, all the brackets for the car, fuel tanks, radiators, oil catch tanks, header tanks, exhaust and more from modern high tensile steel that make our redesigned parts stronger and lighter than the originals from the 1950s and ’60s.



TVR manufacturing CNC

CNC milling

Front hub assemblies (stub axle, spacers, hub, caliper mount, brake disc and steering arm), rear upright assemblies (rear upright machined out, rear stub axle, spacers and drive flanges) and differential casings are machined out of billet to very high tolerances using CAD CAM.



Fibreglass bodywork moulding

Fibreglass moulding

Lightweight shells, bonnets, doors, inner front wings and dashboards are moulded in fibreglass from our original  moulds.