We don’t just sell car parts, we redesign everything from the most inconsequential bracket to chassis using modern CAD computer design software and manufacture them using modern materials for strength, longevity and lightness. We fit all our parts to our race cars and test them on-track.

Ivan modelling the front hub for CNC machiningDesign & Manufacturing Process
5th May 2020

Design process

All our bespoke parts are designed in-house - here we take a closer look at that process. We are redesigning and remanufacturing parts for two main reasons: they're no longer…
Manufacturing chassisDesign & Manufacturing Process
5th May 2020

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process   Fabrication We fabricate our chassis, roll cages, steering assemblies, wisbones, door hinges, all the brackets for the car, fuel tanks, radiators, oil catch tanks, header tanks, exhaust…

Bespoke services

We don’t just redesign and manufacture parts for our own cars, if you need bespoke, out of stock or no longer manufactured parts made for your car we may be able to help – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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